"I have been speaking at SharePoint Days Slovenia for many years now as I find it to be a very engaging and valuable event that draws some of the most intelligent minds in the community.  The quality of the speakers and the attendees is phenomenal and the organizers of the event do an amazing job at providing value to individuals who attend.  This truly is one of the premier European IT events and should not be missed."

Michael Noel, speaker, USA (avgust 2015) 


"I would like to commend the organization and implementation of SharePoint Days 2014.

Extending the scope to Exchange in combination with SharePoint is very welcome and helpful.

Introductionary lecture , with a plenty of foreign IT experts and their presentations  of "cloud" services in environments with multiple 10 and 100 thousand users, surprised me as it downed on me that for many highly professional IT companies Slovenia became too small, as for work as development , so globalization must be taken as an opportunity.

I must admit that I was very impressed by the introductory lecture as it served as a good guideline to the conference. "

Simon Novak, systems engineer, Pivovarna Laško d.d. (february 2015)

"We bet on the SharePoint platform, so we attend the conference in large numbers and thus bring home different experiences . We expect great conference organization and in-depth insight into the layout of SP2013, managing authorizations, useful applications. However, the conference along with evening events is also an ideal opportunity for an informal exchange of experiences between existing SharePoint users in Slovenia. "

Boštjan Tušar, director of information technologies in corporation, Hidria LC d.o.o. (may 2013)​

"The most remarkable event at the SharePoint days conference to me was the Roundtable with a two-way communication between the participants and experts. This way we discussed  in details  various issues and get an insight into the practical experience by attendees and service providers, which is  extremely useful in our subsequent business decisions. "

Matej Kranjc, director of IT, Trimo, d.d. (may 2013)


"At the conference we were among the first in the world to familiarize ourselves  with the new platform SharePoint 2013. In addition, I would highlight interesting and professional lectures, especially in the area of BI , and truly relaxed atmosphere both in the lectures themselves, as well as the social event where you can exchange experiences and gain much-needed first-hand information  with  world renown experts"

Slavko Kužnik, systems engineer, Trimo, d.d. (may 2013)

"At the conference, I have focused on the area of business intelligence in SharePoint 2013 and  was very pleased. I was most impressed by Greg Jerkičs' lectures entitled " What's new in Analysis Services 2012 and how you can scale-out deployment of PowerPivot for SharePoint "and Dejan Sarkas’ lecture  titled " Excel PowerPivot, Power View, Data Mining and Big Data. "

Matjaž Vidovič, Head of Business Informatics, Trimo, d.d. (may 2013)​

​"Our company regularly participate in conference Sharepoint day. At the conference we gain a number of key information about the latest and best management practices of the Sharepoint platform. The acquired information can help us with our decisions and strategies for optimal support of business processes. The conference always host top domestic and foreign experts, the organization is at a very high level, which befit such an event. "

Janez Selak, IT systems administrator, Krka d.d. (june2013)

​"Slovenia SharePoint Days 2012 in Kransjska Gora, Slovenia and SharePoint Adriatics in Zagreb Croatia both had very incredible events. The Slovenian event has been going on for years. This is my second annual, and I plan to go back next year. Branka and Urska and the whole crew at Kompas Xnet in Slovenia really know how to put together an event that makes you feel special."

Joel Oleson, speaker at SharePoint days 2011, 2012 (december 2012)