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Level and track
10:15 - 11:15

On the Sunny Side of the Migration - Tips and Tricks to a Successful Upgrade to SharePoint 2016
Aleksandar Drašković
Session abstract
Let me start with a statement: SharePoint is a simple product with straightforward upgrade and migration path which massively evolved during the course of last 15 years. Well, I think we all stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago; however, a part of this statement is true - although SharePoint is extremely complex product and that being the reason for the complex migration paths to the new versions, the migration path and built-in mechanisms evolved during the years to support the new features and functionalities. And although Microsoft provided a great support given the vast number of usage scenarios, integration with external systems and custom code, the migration to a new version of the product is all but simple and straightforward. It includes A LOT of planning and preparation and a good execution strategy.

In this session we will cover all of that, including common pain points and product differences to the older versions, all with the goal of giving you the advices on going as smooth as possible through the whole migration experience.