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14:15 - 15:15

Being effective in SharePoint: make business love you!
Lukasz Wrobel
Session Abstract

Business doesn’t want to and can’t wait. Usually when business departments need IT support, they need it for yesterday. What’s interesting, this pattern occurs regardless if it concerns trivial problems or implementing complex information systems…

It is no surprise nonetheless. Nowadays those who don’t optimize their business processes usually fall. The need for constant improvement reflects in new versions of procedures and new way of executing processes. Also in organizational changes that affect departments and whole companies. Meanwhile studies of London School of Economics shows that efficiency of organizational changes is far better when supported by well-chosen IT tools. No wonder why sooner or later business asks IT to implement an IT system that would allow to work in more efficient way!

During the presentation we’ll show why SharePoint is worth using, how to expand its original capabilities and how to make it a platform allowing effectively and quickly support business in a struggle for company’s highest performance. We’ll also present how our clients and partners adjust the system to their specific needs proving only a sky is the limit.