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Level and track
15:30 - 16:30
Hrvaški; Angleški

Beyond social – Tailor SharePoint 2013 Social Features according to your needs, procedures and compliance regulations
Adis Jugo
Session Abstract

​SharePoint 2013 has brought some huge improvements in enterprise social computing. Real-time collaboration, news feeds, following people and artefacts, groups and communities – it all helps businesses to push knowledge dispersion, collaboration and the feeling of togetherness to a new level. But it doesn’t have to stop there – this developer session will show how to further customize and improve the aspects of enterprise social computing within SharePoint 2013, using client and server APIs.

Compliance is a key issue with enterprise social computing. This session will practically show how to tailor SharePoint social features to fit the specific business needs, how to tweak it to be your vehicle in corporate social computing, compliant with your internal procedures and regulatory requirements. In this demo-packed session, we will explore SharePoint 2013 Social API, client and server, and we will see how to get most of the news feeds and social data. We will integrate public social networks with SharePoint social features, creating on that way a powerful social and knowledge computing platform for businesses.