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Level and track
16:30 - 17:30

Empower users to understand your business better with Business Connectivity Services
Brett Lonsdale
Session Abstract

​This session is action packed with demonstrations of how to bring your business data into Microsoft SharePoint. Whether you use SharePoint Foundations or SharePoint Server Enterprise, if you are a business user, developer or administrator, you’ll find this session useful. Organisations usually have data sources that are disconnected and run as silos within different departments of the business. Using Business Connectivity Services, I’ll show you how to connect to those external data sources, and then make the data available to your users for building dashboards, searching external data via the search centre, using the data through the Microsoft Office Client, and ensuring consistent meta data within your documents using the Business Data Lookup Column. This session will start with the basics and quickly build up showing you the different options for connecting to external data, the out-of-the-box web parts to build business data dashboards, configuring search to search the external data, and using the External List and Business Data Lookup column.
The take home will be a complete overview of Business Connectivity Services and an understanding of how Business Connectivity Services could apply to your business.

*The demonstrations will be in SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. However, SharePoint 2010 users will still find this session advantageous as much of the functionality is the same. Most of this session is demonstrated using the browser. Time permitting, we may open Visual Studio to show connecting to OData although very little code will be demonstrated.