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Level and track
10:15 - 11:15

Securing Intellectual Property using Azure Rights Management Services
Michael Noel
Session Abstract

​Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is fast becoming one of the most important areas of focus when securing information within an organization. Determining what happens to data after it has been accessed is key to reducing information leakage and avoiding highly public data loss incidents.  DLP within SharePoint environments has been supported for years using Microsoft’s Active Directory Rights Management Services, but many organizations balked at the need to install and maintain a complex, multi-server AD RMS implementation.

To streamline implementation of DLP within a SharePoint, Exchange, or Office environment, Microsoft now provides access to a cloud-based service known as Azure Rights Management, which provides for DLP capability for SharePoint farms without the need to deploy an internal AD RMS environment. Azure Rights Management allows administrators to restrict document readers from printing, copy/pasting, or saving new copies of files, restricting the mass export of critical organizational data.  This session goes into depth with the service and shows how it can be used to secure SharePoint document libraries with DLP protections.

• Understand how DLP is a critical element for most organizations today

• Examine the features and functionality elements of Azure Rights Management

• See how to configure SharePoint document libraries to enable rights protections on information together with an Azure Rights Management environment