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11:00 - 12:00

Understanding Archiving and eDiscovery in Exchange 2013
Michael Noel
Session Abstract
Exchange Server has become, by far, the most common Enterprise messaging platform used worldwide by organizations today. It has proven to be scalable, easy to administer and a rock-solid dependable platform that many businesses have built their communications strategy on. Over those years of adoption, the nature of how email is used has changed. Many organizations now find it challenging to adapt to the sheer volume of mail messages they receive. This massive volume of information is difficult to manage, store, and process, and the legal issues surrounding retention of data are becoming more acute.

This session focuses on those archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance features included in Exchange Server 2013 that are built to help with these challenges. These new features provide for new archiving and eDiscovery capabilities that were previously not possible out of the box in Exchange Server. Features such as archive mailboxes, the eDiscovery center, legal hold, and flexible retention policies give organizations more control over how to manage and handle their mail flow.