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Harness the Power of Business Intelligence with Power BI

Michael Noel



Recently, Microsoft quietly released Power BI, one of the most fascinating and powerful tools in the Business Intelligence market and made it part of their Office 365 offering. Power BI opens up the potential of business intelligence for those who don’t necessarily have complex existing BI skills and allows them to examine and view their business data in new and insightful ways. This session focuses on understanding what the capabilities of Power BI are, how to take advantage of them, and various approaches you can use to get useful insights from your data.

• Examine the fundamentals of how to work with Power BI, including adding datasets, creating relationships between data fields, working with visualizations, filtering content, and more.
• Understand the differences between working with the Power BI Desktop tool or working through the browser
• Examine real world data and scenarios with a step by step walkthrough of the creation of dynamic and powerful reports and dashboards and the power of dynamic Q&A in Power BI