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11:45 - 12:45
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English; Croatian

Architecting cloud-only solutions with Microsoft Azure and Office 365
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​Cloud first, mobile first! The shift in computer technology that has been happening in the past few years could not be better put in words than in Microsoft’s new slogan. But what is in it for solution architects and developers? What are the new challenges that they are facing? One of the main challenges is the cloud identity. With Azure AD, Microsoft has developed an approach of fully-managed cloud identity that allows users, devices, and services to access their own and external cloud services, while at the same time being fully manageable by administrators. Furthermore, with recently released Azure API Apps, and old friends like Azure WebJobs, ServiceBus, storage etc., Microsoft gives us a possibility to develop robust cloud based business access layers and background jobs. With this toolset in our bag, we are ready to go.

In this demo-packed architecture/development session, we will use an imaginary Scandinavian furniture factory, famous for its furniture-assembling manuals, and we will live-code for it a cloud-only application that will help its customers to finally be able to properly assemble their furniture. This application will leverage Azure AD for authentication and authorization, Azure API Apps for Business Layer, and Azure WebJobs for repetitive background tasks. It will use Office 365 APIs for fetching documents, calendars, and list data from the Office 365 site. Web and native clients (for multiple devices) will be developed and demonstrated in the session. Key concepts like authentication and authorization flow, as well as cloud architecture best practices, will be particularly emphasized. And suddenly, you will miss your full trust code and SharePoint Timers Jobs much less than you do.